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Trnava, Slovakia
Scaffolding for Island, Trnava

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Trnava, Slovakia, scaffolding was gradually built from September 20 to January 2023 in an area of 6000 m2 for a new building in Trnava. The material we used for construction was scaffolding from our company.

The installation of scaffolding for the cladding of the building using a ventilated facade and a contact insulation system was solved. It involved the construction of a facade and modular scaffolding, which ensured the possibility of carrying out the work in full. 8 of our workers, who specialize in the facade and modular scaffolding, worked on the project.

Currently, the building is already in the finalization phase and we are gradually dismantling the scaffolding. Our colleagues gradually dismantle the scaffolding with an emphasis on efficiency and work safety.

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