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Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can seriously impair an individual’s judgment and reactions, leading to an increased risk of accidents and injuries.

The aim of this policy is to ensure the safety of all employees, workers, and visitors by establishing clear rules regarding the use and possession of alcohol and drugs and to support those who have reported an alcohol or drug addiction problem.


For the purposes of this policy, alcohol dependence is defined as:

“Habitual use of intoxicating liquor by employees, which impairs the employee’s ability to perform his work duties or disrupts his attendance at work, or endangers the safety of other workers”.


Drug addiction is defined as:

“Habitual use of drugs by an employee other than drugs prescribed as medicine, which impairs the employee’s ability to perform work duties or hinders his attendance at work or endangers the safety of other workers”.



– All employees and workers will be treated consistently and fairly in accordance with this policy.

– Alcohol and drug rules will be strictly enforced.

– Those who admit they have a problem with alcohol or drugs will be fully supported by their direct supervisor.

– Employees with an alcohol or drug-related illness are encouraged to report this at the earliest opportunity to ensure support and help with treatment.

– All alcohol and drug matters will be treated as confidential.

– This policy is designed to comply with relevant legislation

– The company’s alcohol and drug policy applies to all employees.

– The rules set out in this policy apply to all employees, workers, and suppliers.

– Alcohol and drug offenses will be dealt with in accordance with the disciplinary policy.


Attendance problems or long-term illnesses related to alcohol/drugs will be dealt with in accordance with the sickness absence policy.



It is the company’s policy that during working hours and at all times when employees are at the workplace, they must be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This will help ensure the health and safety of employees and others they come into contact with, keep the business safe and running efficiently, and ensure that customers receive the services they require. For these reasons, the following rules will be strictly observed.


No employee, worker or contractor shall: 

– report or attempt to report to work when unfit* due to alcohol or drugs (whether legal or illegal**) or substance abuse

– may not have alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace

– he must not supply others with illegal drugs at the workplace and at the time when he is on the project;

– may not supply others with alcohol at the workplace

– must not consume alcohol or illegal drugs or abuse any substance during work.

– must not use illegal drugs or abuse any substance during the time he is on the project


*Whether an employee can work is a matter of management’s reasonable opinion.

** Illegal drugs include but are not limited to heroin, cannabis/marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines, and more.


In addition, employees, workers, or contractors must:

– ensure that they are informed of the side effects of any prescription drugs;

– immediately inform your direct supervisor or a management team member of any side effects of prescription drugs that may affect work performance or the health and safety of themselves or others (For example, drowsiness…)


Violating these rules is a gross violation of the laws, and the company will take disciplinary action for any offense, which may include summary dismissal. Services may be terminated immediately upon violating these rules for agency workers or contractors.


If there is a reasonable belief that a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs when reporting to work or while performing work (for example, if solid alcohol was smelled from the person’s breath), they must be sent home immediately.


In addition, the possession or dealing of illegal drugs on company premises will, without exception, be reported to the police.


Help and support

The Company will endeavor to ensure that advice and help are available to any employee who feels they have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse. In the first instance, individuals will be encouraged to seek help from their GP.

Under these circumstances and with the employee’s consent, the workplace will be recommended. At times, it may be necessary to ask an employee to temporarily refrain from work or to accept limited duties to ensure their safety and the safety of others. The company may also give employees additional time off (usually unpaid) for treatment or participation in support groups.

Any employee who requests the Company’s assistance in seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol problem is fully assured of Company confidentiality.