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Statement on environmental protection and sustainability

One of the critical goals of the Kukla Scaffolding project is to operate without unnecessary or unacceptable impacts on the environment. Any results will be minimized as far as possible. Environmental considerations will be as crucial as traditional business concerns such as production, research, sales, security, and finance.


Kukla Scaffolding will work to achieve its environmental goals by:

– Minimizing the impact of all its operations on the local and global environment and the quality of life of the local communities in which the Company operates.

– Fulfillment of all relevant legal regulations.

– Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of the premises according to the highest practical standards.

– Focusing on efficiently using all resources used in operations and reducing waste through process improvement. Material recycling continues wherever possible, and other positive steps are taken to conserve resources, especially those that are scarce or non-renewable.

– Fully consider in advance, if possible, the environmental impacts of any significant new development and adjust the Company’s plans accordingly.

– Working with suppliers to ensure that their products and services are environmentally acceptable.

– Providing the necessary information to enable employees to operate processes correctly and with minimal environmental impact. Training employees, suppliers, and contractors to increase awareness of environmental legislation, regulations, standards, and best practices.

– Development of a management system to demonstrate continuous improvement of environmental behavior.

– Waste is transported following legislation by registered carriers to licensed landfills

– Measures are taken to control land pollution, rivers, and coastal waters.

– Steps have been taken to control noise pollution.

– The good neighbor policy is applied.

– Comply with the Montreal Protocol by ensuring that ozone-depleting gases such as CFCs and halons are not released into the atmosphere.

– Material waste is minimized, recycling options are supported, and water, paper, and energy are saved.

– Wildlife, habitats, flora, fauna, archaeological sites, and heritage sites are adequately protected.

– All incidents damaging the environment are investigated and reported, and preventive measures are taken against their recurrence.

If necessary, Kukla Scaffolding will develop an environmental plan for the proposed works.


This would include consideration of the following measures:

Minimization of water consumption resulting from on-site activities.

– Monitoring and reducing waste on-site.

– Waste sorting and recycling.

– Adoption of best practice principles for noise and dust control.

– Purchase of wooden/scaffolding boards from a certified supplier.

– Recycling of significant amounts of previously supplied materials.


Duty of care

The company recognizes the duty of care according to the law during the performance of its work and complies with the following basic principles:

– Preventing anyone from retaining, storing, disposing of, or recovering our ‘separated waste’ without a waste management permit or permit exemption.

– Preventing materials from escaping from our control or anyone else’s control by packing them appropriately.

– Ensure that waste is handed over only to an authorized person. Ensure the person or business has the authority to handle our type of waste.

– Ensure that the waste being transported is accompanied by a written description that will enable anyone who receives it to dispose of or dispose of it following their duty of care. For and on behalf of Kukla Scaffolding