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Torcy s.r.o.

Pestovateľská 2, 821 04 Bratislava
IČO: 52 182 347
IČ DPH: SK2120932440

AKEPS, s.r.o.

Dvorníky 500, 920 56 Dvorníky
IČO: 45 241 317
IČ DPH: SK2022920152

UNICO EU, s. r. o.

Pestovateľská 2, 821 04 Bratislava
IČO: 47 418 401
IČ DPH: SK2023856714

Our company will help you on your way to the top. We are not just an ordinary company.

Thanks to our flexibility and capabilities, we are a company that works for the satisfaction of our customers.

Corporate contacts

Ing. Andrej Kukla, MBA, LL.M.
CEO & Founder
Martin Remiš
Jozef Ľuba
Project manager
Dušan Kabát
Project manager
Michal Bukvay
Romana Vránová
Administration director
Mgr. Denisa Chudá
Project Specialist
Ing. Alexandra Nyberg
Economic Officer