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Occupational health and safety and environmental protection policy

In the implementation of its business activities, the Kukla Scaffolding project uses the experience of its employees. It is based on their commitment, knowledge of the issue, and management skills in accordance with the basic focus of the company.


The management of the company undertakes:

– comply with applicable legal and other requirements in the field of health and safety and environmental protection,

continuously and permanently improve the system of safety and health protection at work and environmental protection,

– ensure regular professional training, qualification, and training of employees and develop their awareness of OSH principles in order to lead to safe work, health protection,

– prevent accidents, occupational accidents, occupational diseases or health damage, damage to the environment, and material damage,

– fulfill tasks in the care of health and safety, which are part of the fulfillment of all tasks of senior employees,

– within the scope of competencies, create the necessary technical, organizational, financial, and personnel prerequisites for a safe working environment, if necessary, continuously adapt them and implement the safety concept,

– issue rules and instructions to ensure safety and health protection at work in accordance with legal regulations,

– on the basis of identified dangers, threats, and risks, create working conditions with the aim of reducing as much as possible the probability of adverse risks causing damage to health and property,

– free of charge to provide and take care of personal protective work equipment, which is intended to protect against injuries at work and against diseases,

– to inform employees and employee representatives about the state of OSH provision, especially in the area of eliminating risks in the workplace,

– enable employees and employee representatives to comment on health and safety issues.