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scaffold sheeting


Do you need to cover your construction and protect yourself or workers from weather conditions, or protect the surroundings from the spread of construction waste? We have a simple help for that. Windscreen foils are used quite often in the construction industry.

Different types of buildings often require scaffolding wind sheets as an outer covering. Windscreen is the most cost-effective and durable material you can use. You can choose windsails from us according to the type and purpose of your project. Whether you need a tent for welders, a temporary workshop, a construction roof, or thermofoil for your project, we are here for you!

Our services

Throughout Europe, we install facades, and industrial scaffolding based on norms and standards. In addition to scaffolding, it is customary to use scaffold sails for the project, which we can also install for you. Thanks to our experience and possibilities, we will ensure complete care of the project.

We will ensure the dismantling of the scaffolding or scaffold sails so that all anti-fall systems are secured. Our many years of experience in the field of scaffolding and leeward sails guarantee you fast, orderly, and safe dismantling.

In addition to other types of services, we also have scaffolding rental in our portfolio. Choosing quality scaffolding for your project is one of the important and successful steps. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with this request as well. We will provide you with the most modern type of scaffolding.